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Teacher of German in Tel-Aviv

Knowledge of foreign languages opens new horizons for anyone. With this advantage one can fulfil himself in spheres earlier beyond his reach. New opportunities are also open to him.


Advantages of learning German:


  • When travelling through Germany easy contacts with the local people;
  • Communicating with the Germans in social nets, at professional forums and finding new friends;
  • For businessmen who plan to extend their activities to Germany to find their way in German markets;
  • Reading original masterpieces of German writers and watching German films.


The ties between Russia and German lands and ‎connections of the Russian and German ‎languages go down the ages. German words ‎flooded Russia when Peter the Great opened ‎window to Europe, and you will be surprised ‎to learn how many simple every day words ‎actually came from German. It will be helpful ‎in learning this language, where you may ‎unexpectedly meet old acquaintances. ‎

The language of the leading country in the ‎present day Europe was and remains the ‎language of technology from which other ‎language have borrowed a lot of terminology, ‎and you may already know many of these ‎terms, which also will be helpful in learning ‎German.‎

You will be able to feel the fragrance of poetic ‎masterpieces, hear afresh songs in their original ‎sound, and, when you come to Germany, to ‎talk unaided with your new friends.‎


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